Condor Mask



Condor is a mask designed constructively and ergonomically specifically for spearfi- shing. The strongest feature on this mask is in fact its exceptional field of vision com- bined with a limited internal volume which make it exceptional when used at a depth between zero and 30 meters

This was achieved thanks to a design focu- sed on the reduction of spaces and thanks to a mono-structural construction process. The edge of the skirt, well pronounced also in the lower part of the nose, features a pe- rimetrical sealing gasket, well inclined and structured, and the velvety internal finish increases its water tightness.

The strap is attached to the mask via two soft buckle holders that fit onto the edge of the lenticular frame using a perimetri- cal band which is double the standard size. This feature allows uniform traction over the entire area of the skirt, thus significant- ly increasing comfort.

Condor is available in various color versions including two camouflage models.

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