O-Rings for shaft barbs

O-RINGS have the purpose of keeping the shaft barb in position. The movement of the barb can interfere in the shooting phase, or cause noise that can scare the fish. To meet the various needs – 3 models with different features have been develope.

It is therefore suitable for those who prefer the balance between practicality, elasticity and resistance.

It is easy to grasp, even with gloves, thanks to the small protrusion, it is suitable for those who prefer elasticity and comfort over greater resistance.

The major advantage of this O-ring is that it allows for a cleaner line of sight but is slightly less comfortable in its use.

Red O-ring 60 Shore

Easy to spot on the surface, thanks to the red color that goes darker in depth. It is easy to grab even with gloves thanks to a small protrusion.

The 60 shA hardness allows this O-Ring to be sufficiently elastic for any type of shaft but, at the same time, to have greater resistance over time.

Black O-ring 50 Shore

Made with a hardness of 50 shA, it is more elastic than the red model but slightly less resistant to cuts and tears.

Pure latex O-Ring

The pure latex O-Ring is the most elastic model. It is less bulky because it has a reduced thickness and it has no protrusion.