Scirocco snorkel

The Meltemi Snorkel has a standard length which makes it suitable for any type of use.

The Scirocco snorkel has a shorter tube suitable for deep divers, for use in the pool or for use at sea in calm weather conditions.

The reduced length of the Scirocco model brings two important advantages: it limits vibrations when holding the tube under the mask strap and facilitates breathing, because it enhances the ability to fill the lungs to the maximum, limiting the residues of stale air inside.

Both models are made with buoyant materials that allow the snorkel to float to the surface if necessary.

Both snorkels are made in  thermoplastic material with a springback rate of 100% – so the snorkelscan be bent or squeezed, but they always returns to their original shape.

The matt part of the tube is semi-rigid with a hardness of 80sh. While the shiny part is softer with a hardness of 50sh.

The softer part makes the use of the snorkel more comfortable, as you can avoid to move the mask when the snorkel is placed under the strap.

 The internal section features a diameter of 20mm. This size is considered in the field to be the best size for the passage of air inside the tube during breathing.

Meltemi and Scirocco feature a unique design. The shapes of the mouthpiece and the tube have been designed to facilitate the passage of air as much as possible, facilitating breathing, and to reduce water residues that can occur when breathing.

The final part of the tube is flat to adhere to the shape of the head, limiting vibrations.

The mouthpiece is made in hypoallergenic silicone. Its design facilitates continued use while avoiding discomfort in the oral cavity.

Meltemi and Scirocco are available in two color versions: black and carbon fibre colors.